well played Bangladedesh, but we missed Mahmudullah

আমাদের নতুন সময় : 04/07/2019

 Mostofa Sarwar Farooki

In the end, well played Bangladedesh even if it was not the best day for our top and middle order! I know someday you stop firing and unfortunately it was that day! I think we missed Mahmudullah who could guard the middle order. Shakib Al Hasan was on top of his game as usually! Easily the Man of the Tournament!
Great fight back at the tail which leaves a strong statement for the future. Now look into the pipeline and find the best players for next edition. On a sad note, the Famous Five of Bangladedesh are leaving the world cup without achieving what they wanted to achieve! But you know what? The future generations will always remember you with regards and love for what you did for Bangladeshi cricket last few years! Together you gave us some of the greatest cricketing moments of our history. From Facebook

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