And they may have a point in realpolitik terms

আমাদের নতুন সময় : 07/12/2019

Kazi Anis Ahmed

The percentage of Americans who donÕt support impeachment is higher than the size of the Trump base. This means a good chunk of Americans think that as the reigning power their president has the ÔrightÕ to dictate smaller countries. ItÕs not that big a deal! And they may have a point in realpolitik terms. But even pro-impeachment Americans canÕt see this clearly. You need a Ôpost-colonialÕ perspective to catch this wrinkle in the American political subconscious. Source- Facebook.

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সম্পাদক ও প্রকাশক ঃ নাঈমুল ইসলাম খান

১৩২৭, তেজগাঁও শিল্প এলাকা (তৃতীয় তলা) ঢাকা ১২০৮, বাংলাদেশ। ( প্রগতির মোড় থেকে উত্তর দিকে)
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